Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cruise Trip to Stockholm

Last weekend was a great one, as it was mid-summer day Friday was holiday and I just grabbed the chance to visit stockholm.
The trip contains lots of "my first" apart from "my first on site trip - Finland"
  • My first cruise trip - stockholm
  • My frist Cruise - viking line
  • My first sea I sailed on - Baltic
  • My first Sauna refreshment
About sauna, I just made a post highlighting the benefits and it's History.
It was a great experience touring, I met lots of people who expressed their respect to our great Mother India and the fortunate, blessed Indians.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Search for Indian Restaurant ends here :)

It's been very tough for me to manage daily with Noodles, Bread and spreads, Pizzas... how much or how many ever you eat you can not compare them with one plate of rice and Andhra pickels combination.
Luckily we just spotted "Shalimar" restaurant @ Jyvaskyla. Anyways once we move to the flat from our hotel we can start cooking our varieties. Hey this is our hotel, "Omena Hotel" @ Jyvaskyla.

The best thing is the entry needs a pass code not the usual way of key

88517 - well this is the room code, and will be removed once we check out of the hotel.

A random pick during my stay @ hotel.

Album is here :)

@ Helsinki, Jyvaskyla

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BonVoyage to Helsinki

June 1st 2008, Sunday was a special day
  1. Completed a 3 years in this IT field
  2. Flying to Finland on onsite opportunity.
This was great day that I can never forget with all family members and by best friends bidding me farewell and wishing me all the very best. That was a day with lots of emotions/sentiments/feelings and everybody is very happy for me.

BonVoyage to Helsinki

Let me take this opportunity and say aloud "Thank God" and I also wish to thank one and all who are responsible for this opportunity.