Thursday, November 20, 2008

colors @ Jyvaskyla - 3

It's just 2-3 weeks back when I wrote about a new set of colors that are fast approaching in Jyvaskyla. It's brown, brown....everywhere. Most of the trees lost the leaves, stood out with branches, lifeless... But soon, a new color started taking over the role of brown to fill up the tiny Jyvaskyla. Yup as you can guess, it's white in the form of "snow".
Though it started snowing bit early, somewhere 10 days ago. The rains made it tough for snow to occupy pretty faster. But as I got up in the morning I was surprise and was a feast to the eyes.

Could not believe my eyes, though it was sunny still snow took over and took the lead.

So me and Malyadri, decided to go around and capture beauty more over the weekend.
Watch out for more photos ...

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