Saturday, August 23, 2008

@ night Jyvaskyla

Just came back from "night" - is the new night club at Jyvaskyla. Well after last week's disco at Giglin & Marlin, I am kind of becoming a party animal. 'night' is quite a large one compared to Giglin & marlin. The best part was 'karoake', where lots of people gathered around. After 12 the people started gathering at dance floor.
The item numbers started bit slow and very less beat but the 'maha' song pulled me to the floor. Well this was the song that I heard through "Mantra" a telugu movie, where beauty 'charmee' danced to the number. Below is the video from you tube, look into it even you start to dancing to this number.

Well another night at a different disco. It was spent very good till 2AM and worth it :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Week of Food Experiments. Experiment 1: Riisi

After Sampath moved to Helsinki for a Java project, I was all alone in the house. So I declared it as week of Food Experiments. We have been using Basmati rice during my stay at Jyvaskyla, I started my experiments by evaluating different kinds of rice varieties. By the way "Riisi" means Rice in finnish.

Materials Used: different varieties of rice.
Cooking method: Rinse the rice properly and soaked/boiled in appropriate amount of water as mentioned.
Heating Method: Gas stove.
Temperature: 200 degree C
Cooking time: 20 - 25 mins

Day 1.
I tried with Jasmine risi, thai fragrant rice. I don't know what went wrong but it was burnt at bottom but the top layer was little watery.

Day 2.
I tried with another variety of local brand "Pirkka", par boiled rice. The good thing is the bottom most layer was not burnt but the top layer was left un-cooked.

Day 3.
I tried this time with some fat rice variety and as u guess, even this was flop :(

Day 4.
Back to square, went to nearby shop got my Rainbow brand Basmati Rice!

Rainbow basmati rice is the best one for my style of cooking :)

Have a nice weekend...
For me it is going to be experimental weekend :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Disco @ Giglin & Marlin...

Another weekend celebrated with most enthusiasm. My friends Aditya and Ganesh were here at Jyvaskyla on a official trip and had a fun time at our house. Cooking, discussing, joking pulling each other legs and many more...
As usual it's another rainy day at Jyvaskyla, but decided to start to pub once I am done with my phone calls. Grabbed few burgers and coke at Hesburger and then entered Giglin & Marlin disco pub. We realized it was to early and had initial round of drinks and slowly as more and more people are pitching in DJ started playing the nice tunes and the soothing to nice beat songs.
Well it was all dance and dance, with lots of bubbly girls around.

I can only say, another weekend spent nicely... :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cruise Tip to Tallinn, Estonia

Going into details of the trip...
Last weekend was very energetic and bubbly, guess what I did sail again on Baltic Sea this time to Tallinn, capital city of Estonia. It was a packaged trip that includes pick and drop. Bijesh booked a cabin in the Tallinnk Cruise.

We were picked up @ Jyvaskyla and it was a 5 hour drive to Helsinki port, where we need to catch our cruise. We moved on with a lunch break in the middle and around 5:30 we were given our access cards to cruise .

It was few minutes and we joined the people who are eagerly waiting to get into the cruise. And we all started moving to respective cabins.

The Tallink Cruise team was eagerly waiting to welcome us. They distributed sufficient info brochures and booklets regarding the sales and outlets that are available in the cruise. Hey forgot to show you, this is the cruise.

It was called as "Baltic Princess", hmmmm yup they were right. Let me quickly show few snaps of it that would justify the naming...
no-slippery deck, well lit corridors and more...

I spent enough time on deck before left to "starlight" to enjoy the light music. Within few minutes the orchestra started people started flocking around from everywhere and starting enjoying the music with drink and couples occasionally dancing to the tunes...
We had a nice time and we reached Tallinn Port by 10:00 pm.