Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recruitment pains -1

Note: Expressed here are my personal views and experience.

All these five years I never felt that recruitment was such a pain. I am not referring to freshers but to the so called experience guys 2+. Was trying to help my friend in getting a good Ruby on Rails resource. Though this was not the first time, and I have done even at all my previous companies but I should say it's a totally, shockingly new experience.
  • I heard that in telephonic interviews people try to fool the interviewers under the wrong names or even speaking on behalf of someone else. Observed the same with one of the candidates from Karnataka, India.

  • Another great gem who claims to be working for a budding company from past 2.5 years, but the truth is he started working only couple of months back and he was trying to fool us.

  • Another beautiful one I can't even think of something like this. A guy claimed to be 1.9 yrs experience in Ruby on Rails went through the couple of rounds of interview and was not bad. So we offered him the position so irresponsible was he, didn't even respond back. So withdrew the offer.

  • One of the coolest one, which you got to hear... Another aspirant(friend of above mentioned guy) sent us the same application and claimed it to be done by him entirely.

In the whole process what I failed to understand was, why can't people be genuine to themselves. What were such candidates trying to prove?
Can they perform same way, even they were offered the job?
Why do they create wrong impressions and ultimately they will be in trouble by not performing?
I can list many more... but what's the use.

But I would like to stretch out and help other Ruby on Rails recruiters by sharing away their names. Hoping to save others time and money.


K. .V. S. Narayana said...

Hi while browsing I came across your blog. Very useful information!!. And regarding the candidate not responding to the offer you people gave, you named it as irresponsibility. Just tell me one thing how many corporate companies respond back to people after taking interview ??? After 2-3 rounds of interviews ( spending around 5 hrs of time) if the company HR's are bothered to inform the person back saying we are not taking you, what is wrong if the person do the same?????

sumanth krishna said...

First of all, thx for dropping by and spending some time.

I recommend you to dig deep into posting and also note the context of the post.

I was referring to smart, dynamic technlologies and it's clear that we expect the resources also to be smart enough.

Another point that is very much funny is, you compare the big companies with start-ups.

Just because few companies did not respond to you, do you want do the same with them?